The Most Hygienic Way To Hydrate Your Home, Improve Health And Revitalize Your Body

Enjoy perfect humidity all year round and create the ideal microclimate for your home and health.

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How Hydramyst's 3-Step Technology Hydrates Homes In Minutes

Humidifi’s highly-acclaimed 3-step hydration system delivers major breakthroughs in home humidifying, ensuring you’ll always enjoy optimal humidity and all the health benefits that come with it.

1. Ionising Hydro Purification

Humidifi’s copper purification elements ionise water at the source to hygienically cleanse impurities, ensuring every droplet is safe before it reaches the air in your home.

2. Ultrasonic CoolMist™

Humidifi follows the science, intelligently optimizing your environment through ultrasonic technology, which evenly disperses the optimal mist droplet size across a wide area.  

3. Silent Climate Hydration

As the first humidifier to deliver less than 30 decibels of sound, Humidifi was re-engineered from the ground up so you can enjoy the perfect climate in near silence. 


The Science Behind Hydramyst's Ultrasonic Technology

Delivering brand new innovations in home humidification, water from Hydramyst’s large tank is channeled along a specially designed copper cathode element. It undergoes a complex process where positive electrons cleanse water at the subatomic level, disrupting the DNA of organisms such as bacteria, viruses and mold. 

The water is then pushed through a chamber where a piezoelectric transducer creates short frequency ultrasonic waves, atomizing water into an ultra fine mist which is dispersed at high-velocity, evenly diffusing purified mist droplets throughout your room. 

It’s this purification method, combined with our ultrasonic mist dispersion, that ensures every home is hygienically hydrated to the optimal degree, delivering greater health benefits for every member of your family.

Hydramyst Hydrates Homes & Purifies 99.7% Of Airborne Contaminants


WATER Humidifier

Hydramyst’s next-gen purification features are the result of extensive research, development and technological innovation. Every humidifier is equipped with our cutting-edge copper Hydro Purification element, which ionises water for the most hygienic way to hydrate homes. Plus when combined with ultrasonic mist dispersion (a new breakthrough in engineering), you’ll experience just how comfortable your home can be.

Award Winning Features

Simple to use

Hydramyst effortlessly operates in any room with a simple, one-click operation. It’s intelligent purification system allows Humidifi to evenly disperse mist across rooms of all shapes and sizes, creating the ideal microclimate for any home.

Intelligent Climate Control

Leave it on Auto-Intelligence settings or use the large LCD display to fine-tune yourself to find the perfect climate just for you. Set Hydramyst to automatically turn off or switch settings at your desired time. Plus with night mode, Hydramyst’s calming light adds a peaceful ambience to your room, increasing to the comfort.

Health Benefits

Our bodies are finely tuned organisms that need the right climate to operate at their best. Here’s why Hydramyst is the perfect device to help improve your health and live comfortably.

Clears Sinuses To Stop Congestion

Airwaves and nasal passages over-produce mucus in dry conditions, but the same is true when the air is too moist. Humidifi’s intelligent ultrasonic dispersion ensures that your body always get the optimal humidity it needs, preventing mucus and congestion so you can breathe comfortably.

Combats Itchy Dry Skin And Allergies

Nothing dries out skin faster than dry air, leaving it itchy and cracked. But Hydramyst uses scientific studies to create the ideal mist droplet size that rapidly hydrates skin, clearing up itches and dryness from the get go.

Prevent Respiratory Infections

Many humidifiers aim to improve health, but if the mist they’re projecting is from contaminated water, it can have the opposite effect. With Hydramyst you can rest easy knowing our ionising technology is purifying every molecule of water at the source, ensuring the air you breathe is always safe and healthy.

Calm Babies And Give Them The Perfect Start

Humidifiers are immensely popular with new parents, due to the health benefits and calming effects they can have. And because Hydramyst runs in near silence, you can hydrate your baby’s room to improve sleep – both for them and for you!

Quiet comfort

Even in its highest setting, Hydramyst releases less than 30 decibels of sound, which is one-sixteenth as loud as 70 dB6. This means it’s quieter than a library. At most, that’s just like the white noise around a quiet, sleepy countryside village.

Portable Operation

Hydramyst’s compact size and ergonomic carry handle makes it so easy to humidify any room, anytime.
Operating plugged in or cordlessly, you can enjoy days of hydration from a single charge via USB. From living rooms to bedrooms and home studies – Hydramyst will make sure you’re never left high and dry again.

Low Energy Consumption

Let it run all day or as much as you need it to. Setting new standards in energy efficiency, Hydramyst is specifically designed to provide greater hydration for less cost. It’s exactly why we spent years in development making it, and why we’re so proud of our achievement.

I’ve long suffered from nasal congestion and dry skin, but can't tell you how much of a difference Hydramyst makes. My symptoms cleared up within days and haven’t appeared since. Amazing considering we’d previously tried so many other humidifiers with little success. This is the real deal!
Isabel G.
Full Time Mom


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Jenny T. Dallas TX

This humidifier has become my favorite home appliance! It must do an incredible job of humidifying my home, because since using it I have had zero skin issues for the first time in years! "

Tom G. – Miami FL

Well - I never thought a humidifier would make such a big difference in my life! I didn’t realise just how dry the air was until I got this. Almost instantly my wife and I were sleeping better, and we have so much more energy in the day now. Thank you!

Robyn S. – Phoenix AZ

I got this because my normal humidifier was making my home way too moist. Hydramyst is leagues ahead of it, I feel so comfortable at home now, the mist is not overpowering it all, it’s just right for my home. I was so surprised considering Hydramyst is actually cheaper!

Dedicated To Finding The Best Solutions To Create Your Optimal Home Climate

At Hydramyst, we believe that everyone deserves access to clean, hydrated air at home. That’s why we continue to devote our time and technical expertise to developing simple, fast, and efficient air-hydrating products that don’t have you breaking the bank. It’s our own way of helping families breathe better and live healthier.

The Most Hygienic Way To Hydrate Your Home, Improve Health And Revitalize Your Body

Enjoy perfect humidity all year round and create the ideal microclimate for your home and health.

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